We're so past all this.

We're postmodern, postgender, postfeminist, postrace,
postcolonialism, postrealism, postidealism, posthaste.
postrock, poststructuralism, postproduction, post-war,
postmortem, postapocalyptic, postpartum, posthardcore.

We are past what our ancestors were, now not just quantitatively, but qualitatively.

But, we have history. And if the knowledge of something exists, that thing exists, and so our
ancestors haunt us with their great struggles and successes. They pass into the realm of myth and imaginary.

But, of course, every generation is past the one that came before. You can't step through the same river twice, and nor can a culture truly stagnate. But it's that sense that we have to do things the way our parents did that really messes up our society, I think.

Perhaps the biggest -ism in our society is ageism.

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