You know how you sometimes hear about babies, and how they don't realize the world exists when they're not looking at it?

Well, the funny thing is that is sort of doesn't. I was reading about these scientists who discovered that when you're not looking, matter and antimatter don't do what they're supposed to when they meet, and you get these negative-photons that actually "shouldn't" exist (according to mankind's retarded view of the universe, which is sort of like trying to see what's on the bottom of the ocean by looking at the surface).

But anyway, what if life is just the delusion that the universe still exists when you're not looking? What if babies don't get this because their minds haven't shut off that thoughtcanal of clarity?

The bottom line is that when you're not perceiving things, they only have a certain probability of existing, and it's impossible to say for sure what's what. So right now I'm sitting up at 1 AM and no one's around. Maybe they're all dead, and maybe they never existed in the first place. I can feel these keys, but all I really feel is nerves firing electronic signals. So since I'm not really perceiving the outside world, just my brain's perception of it, there's no way of knowing whether anything really exists.

"Life" is willfully ignoring this truth, and taking action as though it had consequence. I don't believe that it does. Babies are forkin smart.