I had an interested German class today.

First of all, I was high. And then, I borrowed a pencil from someone I didn't know, and then my teacher told us about how Germany is kinder to "Others" these days because they legally forbid "hateful"/ offensive speech. Isn't this kinda like abortion? If you make it illegal, it only becomes more dangerous. I didn't understand his point. And then, I learned that "Alles" is a simple noun, with an article "das." It's like saying, "the everything." Except it sounds a lot better. There's also "das All," which I think is something like universe, but I'm not sure.

Then I found out we have to write a love story in German for Monday. Professor Huff said "You can make it about whatever you want. A frog that falls in love with a pig. Entertain me." So I'm going to write an essay about a professor named Stephen Huff who reads a paper by Adam Wadley and falls in love with it and gives it an A+. And then I'm going to see what he gives me! Making life part of my art. I like this idea alot.

I realized how big the world is today! There's so much empty space that things feel unnaturally close. But try looking at the world like you're in a 3D video game! It's sick.

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