lookin' at the water blue
it's starting to make more sense than you
a pattern one would see in escher-
it's taking away all the pressure.

lookin' at the rustlin' trees
ain't my area of expertise
it's such a curious caveat
i see much better when i don't know what i'm looking at
bring me the face of anyone famous,
and make me a mask behind which i can hide.
i want people to listen to me.

fuck man, i'm anti-letariat.

it's beyond specific instances and names,
it's beyond reality.
it's me, man. and i'm mad.
because in fifty years we'll be remembered as monsters,
if anyone's there to remember at all.
in-lain, insane.
foreman- doorman.
boss- moss.

the day we lost was the day the woman bought a new bra,
because she'd burned her old ones.

the day we lost was the day they came down from their palaces
and convinced us that the view from the hill was much clearer.

the day we lost was they day they said they knew the real freedom,
and we believed in them.

and the day we lost was yesterday, is today, is every day that

heads don't roll
riots aren't held
no one throws a brick through their tv, because it was too expensive
you do, don't you, he said.
me, ned?

plopped onto kleptomania
stole the show.
nothing is left anymore,
fucking appeasement.

they came with their needles and
we left with holes in our arms.
no more fucking typhoid, bitches.

the presence of presents presents pre-scents.
lycopene is a dopamine inhibitor,
you ignorant, over/under-medicated phool.

but at least we don't have fucking typhoid.
the disease sells itself as the cure
and the people act all demure
because we've been conditioned into thinking it's us that's wrong
when nothing is from truth further.

when people self-destruct, the system is just reaching its natural conclusion.
they're puppets. and the real suffering is not knowing why one is the way one is.

control is overrated. it doesn't exist. control does not exist.


coincidence is an underrated explanation for things.